… had a difficult discussion with a designer.


We’re working together on my new client’s newsletter (she works for them).

She thinks in pictures.

I think in words.

What made it difficult was not so much that we disagreed, it was that we didn’t have a common language (neither one of us knew what the other was talking about).

I think we finally figured it out, but it wasn’t easy.

It was a good reminder that not everybody sees the world through the same lens.


… am plugged back in.


Yesterday was my birthday (no need to apologize, I’m sure you meant to call) and I decided to shut off my phone for the day.

Despite some minor inconveniences – I couldn’t take photos; I didn’t know the hour-by-hour weather forecast; I had to navigate on my own while driving – it was kind of nice.

In fact, in some odd way, having less power and information at my fingertips made me feel more in control of my world.

I may try this every Sunday.


… was asked a question by a client.


She has a new, solo business. She wanted to know what her job title should be.

She was thinking “President.”

I suggested, “Founder,” instead.

To me, being president of a one-person company sounds a little bit overblown.

“Founder,” on the other hand, has the same heft with (at least) two additional advantages:

First, it suggests that there’s a vision and a mission behind the business.

Second, it sounds forward-looking. It sets the stage for bigger things to come.


… was asked by a prospect, “Why should I hire you?”


I said, “I’m not sure you should. In fact, I think we are about 70% right for each other.”

Two things happened as a result.

First, it broke the ice. Up until then we had been having a pretty formal, prospect-consultant back and forth. She was expecting me to “pitch” to her, and was taken by surprise when I went in the other direction.

Second, we moved on to a frank, authentic discussion. Once she realized I wasn’t trying to convince her of anything, we worked together to see if we were a good match.

We weren’t. I referred her to somebody more appropriate and wished her well.

Did she hire me? No.

But one day in the future, somebody she sends my way – as a result of today’s interaction – will.

Do you publish a newsletter? Read about the 5 reasons many professionals hesitate, here. (Unless you’re too scared to look.)


… renewed my driver’s license.


I was in and out of there in 15 minutes. The people were friendly and knowledgeable.

Was I dreaming?


Was I at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles?

Now you’re dreaming.

I was at my local AAA office which offers “registry services.”

When somebody else can do a better job “on the side” than you can of your primary function, you know you’ve taken your eye off the ball.

How about you? Are you delivering on the promise that prompted you to start your business in the first place?

Do you publish a newsletter? Read about the 5 reasons many professionals hesitate, here. (Unless you’re too scared to look.)