… got an email from my accountant.


I had sent her a quick question about an hour before.

She said, “Such a coincidence! I just finished reading your latest newsletter!”

To tell you the truth, I’m kind of surprised she even reads it.

But who knows? Maybe she was having a slow day; maybe she just needed a quick break; maybe the subject line caught her eye.

Whatever it was, publishing regularly keeps me top of mind with a wide range of people, most of whom are not – and never will be – clients.

Some of those people mention me to others; some of those others hire me.

Publishing regularly is marketing magic!


… read three blogs/newsletters.


I try to read a few every day, to stay on top of things.

In the days when we all subscribed to paper newspapers and magazines, it was easy to keep track of how well we were keeping pace.

Now that most of it is digital (and the inbound information doesn’t literally pile up), we can lose sight of our own, ongoing education.



… got a call from somebody looking for “Ralph.”


I said, “Sorry, you have the wrong number.”

She said, “Oh, well maybe you can help me. This is Darlene, I’m calling on behalf of …”

And she was off and running (until I might have hung up on her).

If your first bit of outreach to a potential client is to trick them, you’re not going to build much of a business.



… closed the door on a prospective client.


Jim and I had a nice conversation about a newsletter for his law firm when he called a few weeks ago.

I sent a follow-up email right afterwards.

And another one a week later.

And one more after that.

No response to any of them!

So today I sent an email wishing him all the best and saying that I assumed he had “moved on to other things.”

You can hang on forever chasing phantom prospects … or you can take control and close the door yourself.

I find the former to be an energy-killer and the latter to be exactly the opposite!


… received a gift from Michelle.


Michelle was a student in my marketing course last year.

She sent me a very nice package of fruit (and other tasty treats!) in thanks for my sending her a referral who turned into a client.

I bet “word of mouth” is the primary way you find new clients too.

Do you have a “thank you process” in place – as Michelle apparently does – to make sure there are more mouths involved on your behalf?