… have a new office chair.


Well, that’s not exactly true.

What I have are the pieces of a new office chair, waiting to be assembled. It’s all there, it’s just not yet of any use to me.

Information works the same way. Thanks to Google, there’s no shortage of it. The hard part is making sense of it.

Which is why when you write a newsletter, or record a podcast, or give a presentation to a group of businesspeople, you, too, want to focus on offering insight, not just piling on more information.

I’ll be standing by in my office (literally) if you need me.


… got a new sign-up for my newsletter.


In the field labelled, “How did you learn of this newsletter,” she typed the name of somebody I had lost touch with up until a few days ago, when I emailed him just to say hello.


Or, do you think my “hello email” – which contained exactly zero self promotion, by the way – is what prompted my long, lost friend to share my name with somebody else?

You don’t need to sell yourself at every turn in order to succeed … but you do need to be consistently visible.

Who can you reconnect with today?


… sent out a “last chance” reminder for my webinar tomorrow.


I used to be very concerned with the question of, “How much do I promote this thing?” I didn’t want to annoy people.

But somewhere along the way I switched from thinking of it as “promoting” to “helping.”

If you believe that the things you offer are valuable, you’re doing people a disservice by not letting them know.

My email this morning will result in two things:

Some people will thank me for the reminder and sign up for tomorrow’s webinar.

Some people will unsubscribe from my list entirely.

Which group do you think is more important to me?


… got an email from Amazon.


It said:

Our records show that you previously purchased episodes from this season. Now that you’ve ordered the entire season with your TV Season Pass, we’ve issued you a 5.97 USD refund for the individual episodes you already paid for.

Was I happy? Absolutely.

Was I surprised? Incredibly so (I hadn’t asked for or expected this).

Did Amazon just lock me in as a loyal customer? Yep.


… was notified of a failure.


One year ago, I purchased the URL and built a one-page survey with questions about who in the household (man or woman) was in charge of which tasks.

Paying the bills, mowing the lawn, removing insects from the bathtub … things like that.

It was interesting, and about 100 people completed the survey. But then, rather than “going viral” as I hoped, it died like an insect in the bathtub.

Today, I was notified that the URL expired (I didn’t renew).

I tend to play it safe, so my goal for 2017 is to fail more often.

You’ll be pleased to learn that I’m well on my way.