… sent a gift to a client.


It was a book.

She mentioned something on a call that made me think of a book I thought she’d find interesting.

Love them or hate them, the great thing about Amazon Prime is that you’ve got a built-in, easy-to-use, gift-sending machine.

Packages in the mail are fun to receive, especially when it’s not something you even ordered. They always have impact.

Total cost? $10.
Total time involved? Let’s just say that it’s taking me longer now to tell you about it than it did for me to send it.


… ignored some good advice.


I was writing a newsletter and used the phrase, “Every once in a while.”

Grammarly told me that “occasionally” was better, more concise.

I don’t doubt it. The thing is, I don’t talk that way.

And when it comes to writing copy that is intended to remind readers of who we are (not just what we know), we need to use that. Even if it’s not perfect.


… am still waiting.


I am on the hunt for new office space.

Last Friday, my friend Christian, whose office is across the hall, referred me to a broker that he had worked with.

I called him up, he picked up right away, and he said he could definitely help.

Then he said, “I’ll follow up with you by end of day, over the weekend at the latest.” 

Today is Tuesday and I have still not heard back. With each passing day, my interest in working with him decreases.

I’m not saying this is easy – the urge to promise great things is never stronger than when speaking to a prospective client (or spouse).

But if you live by word of mouth, as all of us small professionals do, you have to remember that the bad words travel at least as fast as the good ones.


… checked a link one last time.


I made one small change to a client newsletter that was all set to go out: I added a link to a webinar that she had recorded and wanted to include.

It took me about 30 seconds, and since the rest of the newsletter had been tested, spell-checked, etc., I was ready to push “Send.”

Instead, I sent myself one more final preview. Sure enough, the webinar link didn’t work.

I’ll spare you the details other than to say that it was more complicated than just a simple typo. The only way the error would have shown up was by sending myself that last preview.

There’s no way to make your newsletters error-proof every time.

But it was a nice reminder that being a bit obsessive is a good rule of thumb.


… am all alone in my building.


That’s because my office building is owned by the Boston Athletic Association – the people in charge of the Boston Marathon that was held this past Monday.

And if you think running the Boston Marathon is tiring, try running the Boston Marathon. None of them are here this week because they are taking a well-deserved rest.

During the first five years I worked for myself, I never took a vacation. I wasn’t doing well enough to believe I deserved it.

But once I started resting – deliberately and regularly – not only did I feel better, but my business improved as well.

Time off isn’t wasted time. Make sure you take some.