Behind-the-scenes advice for busy solo professionals courtesy of Michael Katz, Blue Penguin Development

am one year older.


That’s because I had a birthday last week (not that you bothered to call).

On that day, I received “Happy Birthday” emails from my doctor, my dentist, AAA, the American Red Cross, and two credit card companies.

All of the emails were automated. Three of them wanted me to buy or donate something.

I’m not surprised. When you’re responsible for marketing in a big company, the name of the game is, “What can we do that scales cheaply?” Happy Birthday messages with embedded offers fit the bill.

Which is why for people like us – small professional service firms – the name of the game is, “What can we do that takes time, effort, and a little bit of money?”

Focus over there and your larger competitors won’t even try to stay with you.

P.S. Tell me when your birthday is and I’ll send you a handwritten, hand-addressed, hand-stamped, snail-mailed card when your big day arrives. One birthday per customer.