Behind-the-scenes advice for busy solo professionals courtesy of Michael Katz, Blue Penguin Development

am working at Panera Bread.

After I ordered breakfast and had already sat down, they told me they were out of what I wanted but would happily substitute something else. That’s fine.

Yesterday, in Starbucks, when I asked for a wet towel to wipe down the table, they gave me the towel and … my entire order for free, without my saying another word. That’s wow.

In Panera, they have deliberately covered up nearly every electrical outlet and the WiFi is always slow. That’s ugh.

In Starbucks, there are nearly as many outlets as there are seats and the WiFi is always fast. That’s yay.

One company is focused on maximizing today’s profits.

One company is focused on having me come back often and talk about them with others.

Which company would you rather own a piece of?