… attended a business conference (Constant Contact’s #onecon)


I didn’t really want to go this morning. 45 minute drive into Boston, traffic, parking, blah, blah, blah.

But I got there and it was great.

A chance to meet some new people, reconnect with some not new people and learn some things that will help my business.

Social media is great, but as a solo, social reality is sometimes even better.

2 thoughts on “attended a business conference (Constant Contact’s #onecon)

  1. Robyn Bradley

    Totally agree! Getting out of the house every now and then is important for us solos. I’ll often work in what I refer to as my “satellite” office (otherwise known as Panera) just to have an excuse to shower and put on clothes. Not that I’m working naked, mind you. Just in my jammies.

    Glad you enjoyed the CC conference. They have nice folks.

  2. michael Post author

    I hear you on Panera. It’s not expensive coffee, it’s cheap rent! I bet we’ve sat next to each other, unknowingly, at some point too!

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