… called my attorney.


My office lease is up soon and I wanted to see if she agreed with my future plans.

We had a ten-minute conversation and I hung up confident that I was making the right decision.

Having a collection of people – whether paid advisors or just people whose point of view you can trust – will save you lots of time, money and, maybe most important, second-guessing of your own decisions.


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  1. Doug Johnson

    Great point Michael! When I was in college I’d started a business to finance my way through school. A supplier filed suit against me saying I hadn’t paid my bill when I had. Even though I had proof of payment they went forward with the suit. I called my father for advice. He was close friends with the founder of a big corporate law firm (they actually were corporate counsel for more Fortune 500 firms than any law firm in the nation) and he told me he was taking me to see his friend. I told him I could never afford to hire them and he said, “He’ll give you a fair price because of my friendship with him. But the point I’m trying to get you to understand is that hiring a good attorney, or any other professional, is the cheapest money you’ll ever spend. You’ll spend a lot more fixing problems if you don’t hire good professionals when you need them” We met with the attorney and he took my case and handled it for a ridiculously low fee. He had it handled with one phone call. I learned my lesson and over the years have often used professionals to handle situations and, as you said, it saves time, money, and keeps you from second-guessing yourself.

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