… called my own voice mail.

No, I wasn’t checking up on myself (although I do admit a tendency to slack off in the summer).

I just wanted to see what it said, to make sure it was still on target.

I love automating aspects of my business, but if you don’t check in on some of this stuff every once in a while, you may find it’s no longer quite right.

4 thoughts on “called my own voice mail.

  1. michael Post author

    Busted again. Hey, have a great vacation. Rest well knowing you’re featured prominently in my newsletter for tomorrow. (Lucky you.)

  2. Lyn

    Funny you should mention….I had occasion to listen to our outgoing message on my 3rd store line (which is mostly for friends and staff) when I realized it still had my Christmas greeting…and it was August! Ooopps!

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