Behind-the-scenes advice for busy solo professionals courtesy of Michael Katz, Blue Penguin Development

did not record a video.


Over the past couple of weeks, six of these posts have been in video format instead of all text as they have been since the first was published in 2013.

Some people really like the videos. Others politely asked me to stop doing it.

Here’s what I’ve learned…

  • Video is harder to do. These text posts take me about 15 minutes from start to finish. Video takes about an hour.
  • Video reaches fewer people. My typical open rate for these posts is around 55%. Of those who open, however, only about 30% click to watch the video. That means my (extraordinary) insights reach far fewer people.
  • Video is more compelling. Among those who watch the videos, I see more shares, more interaction, more new sign-ups.
  • Nobody likes change. I was unhappy when Taylor Swift stopped being country. I think the resistance is natural, especially if readers like what they’ve been receiving.
  • Other people don’t have the answer. I don’t know how much video I will do in the future; as you can see, it’s a mixed bag of pros and cons. But I’m doing my best to ignore the comments, as well-meaning and sincere as they are.

    In my experience, especially when it comes to trying new things, the best guide is your own intuition.