… emailed a new client who was late in paying an invoice.

Not very late – just a day past 30.  Much easier to just do nothing and hope the check arrives eventually.

Most times, when this happens, it’s just an oversight.  But even if it isn’t, it’s up to us, as solos, to get comfortable with the subject of money and to take quick action as necessary.

(She apologized for the delay and told me the check would go out tomorrow.)

2 thoughts on “emailed a new client who was late in paying an invoice.

  1. Bill Sell

    Money issues with clients just as in relationships are incredibly hard to deal with. But once you do that follow up with the client you a) feel better and b) know if there are some unresolved issues.

    1. michael Post author

      I agree, Bill. Seems we all have a lot of money baggage and clearing the air seems to be the best strategy in that regard! Michael


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