… finished preparing for a talk I’m giving tomorrow.


The slides with my contact information on them don’t say bluepenguindevelopment.com (my “official” URL).

They say michaelkatz.com.

Why? Because it’s only on the screen for a minute or two and my name is a lot easier to spell/remember than the whole blue penguin URL.

You can have as many URLs as you like pointing to the same place. I own those two, along with a dozen or so others, including likeableexpert.com and soloprofessionalmarketing.com, all of which point to my web site.

Depending on the situation – and sometimes the message I want to convey – I use the most appropriate one.

P.S. If you have an unusual name – and if you don’t, it’s long gone – I recommend buying the URL. It’s fun to own that piece of real estate!

6 thoughts on “finished preparing for a talk I’m giving tomorrow.

  1. Paul

    I keep a few of your Today I’s so I can glance back at them when I’m looking for inspiration. But I now see that there’s nothing in the subject line to steer me to content that may be relevant for that reviewing moment…… Perhaps you could put more words in the subject line or perhaps I should just resign myself to inspiration for its own sake.

  2. michael Post author

    Hello Paul!
    Thanks for the suggestion and I’m sorry it’s not as easy to find things as one might like. I could categorize them, but I fear if I raised the effort bar on my end I’d publish a lot less!
    One suggestion though is that you can search using the search box on the right side and hopefully find one from the past.
    Hope to compile the best of these into a book in the next year as well, so you can keep track the old fashioned way!

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