… gave a client a free copy of one of my webinars.


When you have things you sell – books, courses, webinars, etc. – you can give them away, for free, as the spirit moves you.

In addition to the direct monetary benefits of selling things, when you develop products, you also create “things of value” which you can offer as gifts.

Magic – shazzaaaam!


4 thoughts on “gave a client a free copy of one of my webinars.

  1. Charlotte Davis

    Michael – love your little blog! And your newsletter. I am not a solo professional – I lead the communications team in a large professional engineering services company (see website that dates from 1845 – or better yet, check back soon for modern, new site) but I frequently forward on your newsletter to our professionals because they always contain something relevant, useful and fun.

    1. michael Post author

      Hello Charlotte! Those 1845 web sites are slow but they were definitely built to last! Thanks for reading and spreading the word.

  2. Bill Alpert

    Agreed. And furthermore, by giving things away you invoke the principle of reciprocity. Your best prospects will want to pay you for your efforts, sooner or later.

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