… got an email from a friend.


She was lamenting the slow and uneven growth of her business.

I said, “Great, that’s the way it generally happens.”

The video that goes viral; the best-selling book; the business that makes one small tweak and explodes on the scene … they are all exceptions. Winning lottery tickets.

Unfortunately, we’ve become conditioned to believe that’s the norm. And if we don’t “achieve” that, we must be doing something wrong.

Slow and steady is the way it works. The only mistake is to stop moving forward.

1 thought on “got an email from a friend.

  1. Ladie Malek

    Slow and UNsteady… yes, that’s the way it goes. Thank you for the reminder!
    And you are also right — the only real mistake is to stop working on your plan. Even if you get knocked down, think about one thing you can do today to move your vision forward. (You’re the boss, so maybe the best thing is to give yourself the day off, but not TOO many days off…) Slowly, things will turn around.

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