… got an email from my graphic designer.


He told me that he was raising his rates, but…

… because I “am so good to him” with the referrals I send and my own work, I am locked in at the old rate forever.

Things to think about:

Do you think I will continue to be “good to him” as a result?

Do you think I am more or less likely to consider using another designer in the future?

Do you think he just did something really smart?

2 thoughts on “got an email from my graphic designer.

  1. Michelle

    I think you’ll continue to be “good to him”. When I refer clients to the wonderful woman who does my hair, I receive a discount on my own appointments. I would send her the referrals whether I received a discount or not, because I’m so happy with the service. As a person/friend, however, this kind gesture let’s me know that my loyalty is appreciated.

    The last part of my previous answer leads into the next question. Looking for another designer all has to do with how happy you are with his work. If he knows what you want, works hard for you, and is skilled with what he does, there isn’t really a good reason to search for other designers. The more you work with this person, the more you will build a stable and secure business relationship.

    Personally, I feel he did something smart. It’s important to acknowledge people who have helped you get to where you are.

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