Behind-the-scenes advice for busy solo professionals courtesy of Michael Katz, Blue Penguin Development

have 12 fewer people on my newsletter list than yesterday.

It’s because yesterday, I sent an email to the list inviting everyone to my annual ice cream party tomorrow.

It’s understandable; some people aren’t local, or don’t like ice cream, or think it’s a waste of time. Or a thousand other reasons that I haven’t thought of.

But I also had 10 additional people say they were coming, and at least a dozen other “happy birthday, sorry I can’t be there” email interactions with people from literally around the world.

The problem with having a point of view, creating content, and yes, throwing your company a birthday party ever year, is that some people won’t like it.

So you’ve got two options: Keep your mouth shut and your head down (so as not to annoy anyone), or talk regularly and authentically so that the people who see eye to eye keep coming closer.

(Hint: It’s the people in the second option who share you, refer you and, in some happy instances, hire you.)