Behind-the-scenes advice for busy solo professionals courtesy of Michael Katz, Blue Penguin Development

heard about some snow.

It was a story on the radio (hey kids – a “radio” is a thing that plays live … never mind) about Buffalo, New York, which just received six and a half feet of snow in some areas.

Or, as the reporter said, “That’s equal to the height of Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen.”

Why are they doing that? I have a pretty good idea of how much six and a half feet is and I rarely measure things in “units of Josh Allen.”

Two reasons…

#1. Six and a half feet is a dry, lifeless stat. Using a real person makes it more relatable, more alive.

#2. The snow was in Buffalo and Josh Allen plays there. That ties the entire thing together in a way that saying the snowfall was “as tall as actor Dwayne Johnson” (for example) would not.

All this to say that we, too, should be using relatable, real life examples in the things we write, the presentations we give, and the stories we share with clients and others.

Gotta run. My wife, who is two inches taller than Tom Cruise, is waiting for me to eat lunch.