… launched a new blog.


Well, sort of.

I actually started it in January, sending it to about 25 people.

Last month, I shared it with about 700 friends and colleagues.

With each new wave, I’ve fixed bugs, fine-tuned my approach and made it incrementally better, based on suggestions received.

Then yesterday, finally confident it was looking good, I told the world.

Lesson: The “big bang, all on one day” product announcement strategy is overrated. I prefer dribbling things out slowly.

That allows me to do things faster and reduces the chances of a big bang-sized mistake!

8 thoughts on “launched a new blog.

  1. michael Post author

    What do you mean, Amy?! Doesn’t it look the same today (he said, confusedly)?

  2. michael Post author

    Hello Miguel! I only sell things that make money for people and/or bring them more clients. So far, I have no reason to believe this frequent, short-format does either! So we’ll see where it goes – and it sure is fun to do.

  3. Boris Mahovac RGD

    Another great idea from the guru of content/relationship marketing. Just one idea: perhaps you should include the words “Today I” in the title of each entry. Looks better in a news reader, RSS feeds, and also when sharing on Linkedin and other social media sites.

    I’m subscribed!

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