Behind-the-scenes advice for busy solo professionals courtesy of Michael Katz, Blue Penguin Development

listened to a company CEO talk on the radio.


No matter what he was asked, he spun the answer in a positive way:

Is Amazon hurting your market share?

“They’re a part of the pie, certainly, but we are all growing.”

Did changing strategy a couple of years ago hurt your profitability?

“It was a temporary hit but we’re headed in the right direction now and doing well.”

I’m fairly certain that were he asked whether or not he found it painful to be run over by a drunken herd of oxen, he’d respond by describing it as, “an important learning experience.”

I don’t blame the man – he’s head of a large public company and can’t afford to give truly candid answers.

But you and I are not.

Admitting what you don’t know, or what didn’t work, or what you’re losing sleep over is not only a pretty good way to connect with other humans (who are often feeling the same way), because of that, it’s also an effective marketing tactic that your larger competitors simply cannot match.

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