Behind-the-scenes advice for busy solo professionals courtesy of Michael Katz, Blue Penguin Development

  • I have been paying to Quicken Bill Payment for about 10 years! It’s what enables me to pay bills electronically, directly out of my Quicken account.

    The thing is, I switched from Quicken to Xero over a year ago and don’t need this service anymore. But each month I saw the charge and just didn’t deal with it.

    I finally did – it was a pain, since I couldn’t even remember which email address I used to sign up or my log-in info. But I found my way to a human over there and cancelled.

    Nice to clean up these little, nagging things!

  • on a Sunday.

    Is that bad? No, in fact it’s incredibly productive since the phone doesn’t ring and nobody sends email.

    But even when I need to do it to catch up (like today), I remind myself that “working how and whenever you want” is part of what’s so great about being a solo. We control our lives in a way that our 9-5 friends can’t even imagine!

  • Nick Miller, whose company does sales training in financial services. He sent a link to a two-minute video on the topic of “What do you say when someone says ‘Tell me about yourself?’”

    His approach is a bit different than mine, but similar in many ways and helpful nonetheless! Here’s the link:

  • who thought she needed “a bunch of marketing things done.” Plenty of things I could have done for her but I just don’t think she needs most of what she assumed she did.

    I think that a lot of our value as “likeable experts,” is not just doing good work, but in helping people – whether clients or prospects – figure out what problem they have and how best to solve it, whether or not hiring us is the answer.

  • who was on my expert webinar yesterday. She had asked a question which touched on a particular topic and I realized that I had read the perfect book for her.

    I don’t know her at all and I have no reason to believe she’ll ever buy anything from me ever again. That’s what makes it so cool!

    P.S. I’ve learned that when I send a book via amazon, I always pay the extra $3 to have it gift wrapped. Otherwise, I’ve sent books to people who figured they just ordered it themselves and never read the packing slip with my note!!