Behind-the-scenes advice for busy solo professionals courtesy of Michael Katz, Blue Penguin Development

  • on the couch.

    I went home for lunch and just felt lousy. So I took a snooze under a blanket. Got up, felt better, came back to my office feeling good.

    Try doing that in your office cube at Big Company, Inc.!

  • that I’ll give to her the next time we meet. It relates to some of the things we’ve been talking about and I think she’ll like it.

    One of the benefits of charging clients a significant amount of money is that it gives you much more freedom for things like this. I can easily justify spending $20 on a book, not nickle and diming people for little expenses, not worrying about how much time we spend together, etc., becuase the overall fee is plenty high enough.

    Interestingly, charging more money allows you to be more generous and less money-focused in every other aspect of your work.

  • He’s been on a couple of my webinars and had a few questions and gave me a call.

    We were talking about LinkedIn referrals. He told me that it had never occured to him to ask people to write them for him before, so he only had a couple. He read something about them though – and how important they are – and sent out requests to past clients/colleagues. He got 30 in 48 hours!!

    Maybe it’s worth each of us doing the same?!

  • to one of the people on my A list of contacts. I didn’t have much to say other than hello, not having interacted with him at all in four months (and not quite ready to suggest we get together for coffee).

    So I got on LinkedIn and checked out what he’s been up to. I found an interesting article he posted, read it, and mentioned that in my email. LinkedI/Facebook are good ways to see what people are up to if you need a little something to connect with them about!

  • I liked how tactically specific it was, in terms of how to be more yourself as you meet people in business situations.

    Check it out here: