… am wondering.


What would my business focus on if I started it today?

In other words, what if I took my same skills, experiences and interests and, instead of trying to hang onto things exactly as before, I thought about what will be needed two or three or six months from now?

Maybe the pause is the quiet we all need to reinvent ourselves.


… shaved.


I’ve been doing it every other day for years and although I see few people in person these days, I’m sticking to my regimen.

With no outside contact, it’s easy to stop shaving. Or showering. Or getting dressed.

And since you’re not going anywhere, it’s also easy to stop exercising, or eating dinner at the normal time, or doing all the other regular, mundane things you did without thinking every day.

Try to keep doing them. These routines aren’t just about how you appear to the outside world. They also help you feel mentally on track.


… emailed my friend Martin.


I have a computer problem and had a couple of questions for him. Sure enough, he pointed me in the right direction immediately.

Two things about your network:

The people you know are not just potential clients and referral sources.

Especially if you work alone, these people are essential in keeping your business running smoothly and connecting you with the resources you need.

If you wait until you need something to reach out for help, you won’t get nearly the same quality of response.

As the old joke goes, the best time to plant a tree is five years ago. Same with your network. Stay in touch now, so it’s there for you when you need it.

Keep your network alive. Close your computer and call somebody!