… paid someone one day after receiving his invoice.


Sure, I could just sit on it for the customary 30 days. But, for solo and small business people, I find that we all get a pretty good sense of who the fast payers are and who the slow payers are.

I find that we fast payers get fast attention from the professionals we hire!


2 thoughts on “paid someone one day after receiving his invoice.

  1. Andrew Cohen

    I agree. I’m extremely appreciative to those clients that pay quickly. I’m very fortunate that with our largest client, payment usually shows up in the mailbox two days after emailing the invoice. We do try to pay our smaller vendors as quickly as possible. It’s the larger ones like the car lease payment that we pay by the due date. There’s zero benefit to us for paying those types of invoices early.

  2. michael Post author

    I agree, Andrew. No point building relationships with those humongous companies!

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