… purchased a new URL for the Today I web site.


The “official” URL is “TheTodayIBlog.com.” That makes logical sense, of course.

The problem though, is that when I say it over the phone to people, they never quite hear it on the first try.

So I bought SoloProfessionalBlog.com which, if you type it into your browser, “redirects” people to the site.

Not only is this URL easier to say and remember, it’s more closely aligned to the way people search, so some will no doubt stumble upon it that way as well.

You can have as many URLs as you like pointing to a particular site. If you find a better one, as I did, use that instead!

2 thoughts on “purchased a new URL for the Today I web site.

  1. Steve Maurer

    Hi, Michael.

    I did the same thing. My official URL is http://www.maurer-copywriting.com . It’s hard for people to get that the first time. They have trouble with the “name” part and might misspell it. Heck, I’ve had it for over half a century and I STILL have trouble with it (the name, that is).

    The new redirect URL: http://www.thatcopyguy.com . I can see clients needing something written saying, “Hey, we need a writer. Get that, you know, that copy guy and see if he can help.

    What do you think?

    1. michael Post author

      Absolutely. I own about 20 URLs, many of which point to the same sites. My name, for example, points to my main site (bluepenguindevelopment.com). It’s a lot easier when you’re being interviewed on the radio, for example, and they ask how people can get in touch, to say michaelkatz.com!

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