… read an article about making your blog standout.


You know, the usual tips about “rising to the top,” “developing thousands of passionate followers,” “becoming a blogging superstar.”

Not that you asked, but I think it’s garbage.

There’s just not enough room for more than a few people at the top, whatever your industry. Most of us will never get anywhere close.

Which is why my publishing strategy – my marketing strategy – is to game the system: I focus my thought and energy on the people I already know.

I don’t need to be at the top of Google. I just need to be visible, valued and liked by the very small group of people on Earth who already know me.

When you view the world through the lens of relationship, there’s not much competition at all.

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  1. Maureen Harmonay

    Michael, this one really struck a responsive chord for me. I have noticed that most of my new business comes from referrals, and instead of feeling grateful, I was worrying about why my website wasn’t attracting more new people. I’m going to stop worrying about that and work harder on appreciating the people who already love my work and want to tell their friends.

    Thank you!

    1. Cheryl

      I like this, too — much easier to attain — and much more natural for most of us. Who doesn’t prefer to hang out — and do business with — people we already like and trust? Thanks again!

  2. Jeremy Bromberg

    Hi Michael –

    I really like this post. We’re always told how sales is a numbers game, but when working solo and with less-than-infinite capacity there comes a time when we have to focus on strengthening existing relationships, not simply adding more shallow ones!

    You teach me well, oh wise one.


    1. michael Post author

      Oh please, if ever there were a wise one it’s Jeremy Bromberg! Thanks and have a great weekend!

  3. Robbie

    Great advice, Michael. Choose our best target and aim we’ll.

    Good luck to people who strive to top Google’s search and thereby market to all Googlers worldwide. Meanwhile the rest of us continue providing outstanding service to friends, colleagues, and clients, who refer us to THEIR best friends, colleagues, and clients.

  4. Sarah Macaulay

    Thanks Michael. I always enjoy your blog, but this comment really hit the spot. Nearly all of my work (marketing for small businesses) has come from people I know, and the people they know. Our networks of people who know and trust us are a powerful thing and it’s easy to forget that in today’s world of “putting it out there” to all and sundry! Thanks again and please keep up the great work!

    1. michael Post author

      Thanks for writing, Sarah. I’m glad it hit the spot for you. Seems like a good topic for a future newsletter too!

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