… received 8 chocolate bars in the mail.

They were sent to me by someone I partnered with on a recent project – kind of a “thank you and congrats to the two of us.”

You know what I noticed?

Sending a thank you gift when a project is done – especially a gift so nice and unexpected – leaves the other person with a final, extremely positive feeling overall.

First impressions may matter. But it’s the last experience you have with someone, good or bad, that’s the longest lasting – and maybe, therefore, the most important one of all.

What’s your “Client Congratulations” gift?

2 thoughts on “received 8 chocolate bars in the mail.

  1. Jen @ Daycare In Demand

    I don’t do a standard “congratulations” gift per se, but I often write a personal thank-you note at the completion of a project.

    I also send out a small holiday gift in chocolate form to all current clients, which they love receiving (especially those I may have worked with earlier in the year, adding to that “nice and unexpected” factor you mention that’s so important).

    1. michael Post author

      I like that. I tend to send my holiday gifts a bit late, so they stand out from the pack and are a nice surprise when people return after the new year!

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