… received an envelope in the mail from a bookkeeper.


Inside: A full color, six-panel brochure; a high quality business card; a hand-written, customized envelope.

I’d give this approach an A+ … if it were 1995.

Today, though, it’s largely a waste of money.

Given that the cost of staying in touch with people you already know is zero, snail mail campaigns to strangers are both more expensive and less productive than simply finding ways to have an ongoing conversation with your existing relationships.

2 thoughts on “received an envelope in the mail from a bookkeeper.

  1. Fayola

    What if you are trying to find new clients? Would you still think snail mail is a waste of time and money?

  2. michael Post author

    Hi Fayola!
    I have nothing against snail mail (I use it regularly as a way to stay in touch with people I already know). It’s the “trying to find new clients” part where I think it’s least productive. In that case, you’re spending a lot of money trying to get the attention of strangers, most of whom, on any given day, have no interest in whatever you’re selling. Ongoing relationships with people you already know is a much more productive place to start.

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