… received a chilly email.


It came from someone who had invited me to partner on a potential project.

The project was kind of interesting, but not quite right.

So I thanked him for the opportunity but politely declined.

His email back to me was very different in tone than the first one he sent. Not friendly, even a little bit angry.

The way somebody responds to “no” tells you a lot more about them than the way they respond to “yes.”

3 thoughts on “received a chilly email.

  1. Doug Johnson

    Michael, this is so true. In my life I have found that how someone responds to “no” has usually affected whether I do business with them in the future. But then again, we live in a day where people have become so self-absorbed that it seems the only question most people ask anymore is “What’s in it for me?” and that’s a sad state for society to be in.

  2. Gina Longo

    Sounds as if you had a lucky escape! Who knows how snarky he might have gotten if your partnership didn’t go as planned? I think I’d celebrate with a beer. 😉

  3. John

    So true Michael, “No” turns out to be a great litmus test. I also think it was kind of you to use the word “chilly” instead of creepy.

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