… received a nice testimonial.

It was from someone who attended one of my live webinars a couple of weeks ago. She invited me to use her name and comments the next time I promote the event.

You know what I did with her email?

If you said, “You filed it in a folder called ‘testimonials,’ just in case there’s any question in the future about whether or not you have permission,” you are right!

(If you said, “You chopped it up and put in on your cereal,” you are in need of professional attention.)

If you use someone’s name or comments, first get permission. Second, keep a record of the conversation.

2 thoughts on “received a nice testimonial.

  1. Elaine Eldridge

    Amen. Same goes for samples of work. I once obtained a permission over the phone from a long-standing client, failed to document it, and literally years later the person objected.

  2. michael Post author

    I know, it’s very rare that there’s a problem but good to have!

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