… received a “please unsubscribe me” email.


Here’s what it said:

I do not wish to receive your newsletter. You send info far too frequently.

This person feels my twice-monthly newsletter is too frequent.

And yet you signed up for a “near daily blog.” (Are you insane?)

There’s no perfect frequency of communication, since different people want different things.

I have found, however, that in general, and in terms of building an audience and from that, a base of clients, more frequent publishing is better.

4 thoughts on “received a “please unsubscribe me” email.

  1. Laura Ellis

    Well, Michael, I think it’s a very fine line and it’s also dependent on the content. If I received daily communication from you (no offence, but my in-box is busy too!) it might be too much. BUT that would also depend on what you are sending me. I really like the info you provide and I like the way you communicate. It feels more like getting a note from a friend, than a sales pitch or advertising. It’s fun, it makes me think about my own communications and I feel like I know you. The “unsubscribe” obviously doesn’t have as good taste in people as I do. Keep publishing. šŸ™‚

  2. michael Post author

    I agree, Laura. And I don’t fault the unsubscribe person. It’s all about finding your audience. I think unsubscribes though, scare people like us who create content into retreating to some “happy medium.” whether that’s in tone, frequency, point of view or whatever. I think the gains are at the extremes, even if it means some people don’t like it.

  3. Diane Aksten

    Michael: Up the content to two times a day and see how many unsubscribes you can get!!

    Just kidding, of course, but you can’t make everyone happy, can you? And why would you want to (you wouldn’t, of course)…

    My opinion? Err on the high side without being obnoxious.

    Still a loyal subscriber,

  4. michael Post author

    Hello Diane!
    I think at that point I’d be the only one reading it!
    But it is a funny thing. Sort of like asking “what’s the perfect meal?” There’s a lot of “it depends” in the answer, most of which has to do with whomever is eating it!
    Thanks for writing,

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