… reformatted my computer hard drive.


It’s been acting up for a couple of months now. Going slow, crashing occasionally, etc.

So I wiped the entire thing clean and have spent a fair amount of time today reinstalling programs and all that.

It’s a pain, but I knew that if I didn’t do it on my own, I’d be forced to do it (maybe at an inconvenient time) when it finally took its own life.

Keeping your tools in good working order is essential for the solo professional!

2 thoughts on “reformatted my computer hard drive.

  1. Boris Mahovac RGD

    Michael, I remember doing this on a regular basis when I worked as an “IT guy/graphic designer” for a small publishing company in Toronto, because they insisted on buying Windoze PCs. At my office I run Apple Macs (since ’97) and never, EVER, had to reinstall anything, or had any hardware or software problem whatsoever. Yes, you pay a bit more for Apple hardware, but the amount of sanity and time it saves is priceless.

    1. michael Post author

      Thanks Boris! I’ve had a number of apple-people make the same comment. I think I’m sticking with PCs for now but point noted!!

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