… spoke with somebody about maybe hiring him.


When it came to his fee, he was very “squishy.”

Lots of hesitation, lots of ums and ahs.

Before I could say anything, he said he might be able to drop it down a bit.

If you don’t believe in your own value – and the fees you charge – nobody else will either.

(Hint: Practice saying it out loud in the mirror until it sounds reasonable to you!)

4 thoughts on “spoke with somebody about maybe hiring him.

  1. Myla

    Yes, it’s true being comfortable stating our monetary worth for a job well done has its merits. The mirror is a good place to start.

    Thanks for your humor as you go along.


  2. michael Post author

    Glad it hit the spot, Myla! The mirror, both literally and figuratively, is often the source of much insight.

  3. Karen O'Keefe

    Along the same lines, a fellow consultant advises when preparing your proposals write out your price to include the last two decimal places, e.g., $9,500.00. Seeing your price fully written out gives you a psychological boost to believe in your value. Remember your first sale is to yourself.

  4. michael Post author

    “Your first sale is to yourself.” LOVE THAT!

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