… have been thinking about something.


How can I “corner the market” on what it is I do?

Not just a niche – something bigger, something more precise.

What can I know, or create, or be, that makes me the only reasonable solution to a critical problem?

I think it’s something worth thinking about.

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  1. Lew Hollerbach

    Great question, Michael!
    I look to Seth Godin for hints to questions like this. Some of his themes around this include things like creating your own category in the market, being/becoming indispensable to your clients, combining skill with care, creating big, bold promises and keeping them, and ideas of this nature. Reading his blog is a great source of inspiration for me, and I’m sure you’re a reader as well. One’s story, of course, is key here; it all starts with your story and how well you tell it.
    I wonder if it’s even possible to state an algorithm to answer your question, or whether the variables are unique to everyone? Keep us posted on your thinking!

  2. michael Post author

    Hello Lew! Yes, I read Seth’s blog as well and I agree he is thought-provoking and terrific.
    I do think it’s an individual answer. And I confess that I enjoy just thinking about it and continuing to fine tune around it.

    1. Lew Hollerbach

      Michael, agreed – it is an individual answer. But the framework could be abstracted out and made into just that – a framework/algorithm within which one makes the journey.

      Another question to ask around this – perhaps at the start – is, “what’s the motivation for wanting to corner a market?” What does one gain from this, and to what ends? And, having cornered a market, is that an unassailable, durable position? Or is it less a destination and more a process, where you have to keep “cornering” because of the dynamics involved?

      Just a couple more questions to muddy the waters!

  3. Peter Miller

    Hi Michael,
    You are the master of relationship marketing with ‘the people you know’ in your niche market.
    As I’ve mentioned before though – when you write an expanded book (+ ebook + e-training e.g. using Sensei WordPress interactive training plugin) about relationship marketing, utilising your amazing blog posts and other content – you’ll receive further recognition for this topic.
    To capitalise on this, the e-training is scaleable, and enables you to earn a lot more from your fantastic content. That will ‘corner the market’ for you.
    All the best. Peter Miller. Website Developer – Adelaide Australia.

  4. michael Post author

    Thank you Peter, a great suggestion. I’ll check out that plug in too!

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