… took a walk.


I’m writing a newsletter for tomorrow and while I have the basic idea in mind, I couldn’t figure out how to begin.

In situations like this, I’ve learned that walking helps me sort it all out.

Fifteen minutes later I was back in my office, happily writing.

What’s your secret weapon for breaking the mental logjams?

2 thoughts on “took a walk.

  1. Kathryn H.

    So very, very true. I escape from my office to take short walks. Continuing to bang my head against the computer keyboard (metaphorically speaking, of course) won’t be productive. Ideas often come when you give yourself a break!

  2. Anne Mowat

    I really enjoy your posts, Michael, and I agree about walking as a way of clearing the head. I began walking a year ago with my dog. First thing, every morning, rain, shine, or snow, WITHOUT iPhone or iPod, Jake and I walk 7 km (about 4.3 miles) around our pretty village on the Kootenay River, surrounded by aspen- and pine-forested mountains. This never fails to inspire me, to set me up for the day’s work. I highly recommend it.

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