… took my dog for a walk in the woods.

For the fifth day in a row.

If you believe, as a solo, that you must first achieve success before you are allowed to enjoy yourself, make sure you also realize that whatever rules you live by are of your own invention.

Maybe being able to take time off, whenever you feel like it, is proof that you’ve already arrived.

2 thoughts on “took my dog for a walk in the woods.

  1. Dianne Wiroll

    Lol… how did you know I was struggling with that this morning. I know it’s true but I don’t always live by it.

    Today I’m bouncing between two thoughts…
    — get it done now and then you can have time to yourself (huge trap!)
    — take some time for yourself and then get it all done (I know this works so much better but I get sucked into the first one all too often)

    Thanks for the reminder of my “arrival” Michael!

    Off for a walk at the beach… Dianne

  2. michael Post author

    Glad it hit the spot, Dianne! The funny thing is, I get some great ideas on those walks, much better than if I tried to work harder in my office. So it seems to be more than just a vacation; it’s often good for the business too! Enjoy the beach….

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