… turned down an invitation to speak at a business event.

The people who invited me are very nice and the specifics aren’t that far off from what I often do.

But still, it wasn’t quite right.  And so I said, “No thank you.”

You’re not obligated to jump at every opportunity put in front of you. 

If it doesn’t feel right to you – for whatever reason – you’re allowed to walk away.  No explanation required.

4 thoughts on “turned down an invitation to speak at a business event.

  1. Petra

    Hi Michael, this rings 100% true with me. It’s good sometimes to find the strength to decline when something doesn’t feel right. Best wishes from Frankfurt/Germany

    1. michael Post author

      Glad it hit the spot, Petra! And best wishes right back from rainy/icy Massachusetts!

  2. Boris Mahovac RGD

    This should even extend to saying “no” to potential clients, too. If you’re a solo professional, then you’re the one who will have to work with the client, so if you don’t like the prospect of working with that client, just say no.

    1. michael Post author

      Totally agree, Boris. I think we get so eager to “get the work,” that we forget it’s a two-way decision. I’ve never regretted saying no – but have definitely regretted saying yes!

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