Behind-the-scenes advice for busy solo professionals courtesy of Michael Katz, Blue Penguin Development

watched an ad for weather.

It was for a local news channel.

It kept switching back and forth between showing the weather person working in the studio and showing her at home with (I assume) her daughter and dog.

What’s a person’s family got to do with the quality of weather forecasting?

I’m no meteorologist, but I’m going to guess, “nothing.”

But, when your weather is literally identical to the weather on every other channel, the only reason to watch you instead of them is because I like you more.

You probably don’t sell weather reporting.

Of course, if you sell financial planning, management consulting, freelance writing, accounting, legal services, leadership coaching, recruiting, or one of a hundred other professional services, you may as well be.

I know you’re better/different than the competition. But it’s really hard for anyone else to tell.

One thing they can tell pretty easily is whether or not they like you. And people refer/hire the people they like.

Maybe it’s time to include some non-business aspects of who you are in your marketing?

See you later; I’m off to borrow a dog and/or adorable child.