… went to check on my subscription to Inc. Magazine,

after realizing recently that I have not received an issue in at least four months!

No phone number for customer service. The only option is to fill in their form and wait to hear back “within two business days.”

It’s so easy to shine as a solo professional thanks to the low bar that big companies insist on setting! Thank you Inc.

2 thoughts on “went to check on my subscription to Inc. Magazine,

  1. Joyce Sunila

    I used to worry that answering my own phone made me seem “unprofessional”! What kind of business could I be running if I didn’t even have an assistant answering my phone for me?

    Now that I’m taking TP-SP-BY those anxieties have evaporated. I realize that solo professionals live by a different set of rules than “real businesses,” and that we can celebrate those differences. It sure beats having a job!

  2. michael Post author

    That’s great to hear, Joyce. Sitting right here by my phone as well!

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